Calendar Scratches

I’m turning 60 in just 17 more days.  I had such big plans.

My daughter, sister, nephew, and daughter in law have worked hard for many months now planning an amazing vacation for 22 of us.  

My big birthday dinner was to be on April 18th.  I bought a cute dress to wear to it.  I bought a new swimsuit for this trip, new shoes, cute purse, suntan lotion, etc.  You get the picture.  I was so excited to have all my children and grandchildren together along with all of my sisters and their families.

I’m disappointed.  For a while, I was in denial.  Surely we will be through this pandemic before April 18th!  Funny how we can trick our mind into believing what our hearts want to believe.  I’m facing facts now.  

I’ve always been one to write in my calendar.  I’ve always been one to plan ahead.  I purposely subscribe to NJ Monthly just to see what my state is offering on weekends for the month.  As an elementary teacher I made lesson plans for my students. Today, I make “fun plans” to enjoy with others.

Scratch, Scratch, Scratch, Scratch

All of my plans have gone up in smoke.  Yours too?

But then I get a text this morning telling me that my mother was sick all night long.  What?  She’s in her 80’s.  We’ve been trying to keep her quarantined.  My sisters get her groceries for her.  We talk by phone every day.  How did this happen?

I began to pray.  I asked my church to pray.

Suddenly I no longer care about my 60thbirthday or our family trip.  All I care about at the moment is my mother and her health.  Please Lord, heal my mom. Please protect her Jesus.   Please don’t let us lose her! 

I do believe my mom is going to be okay.  My sister checked in on her and honestly it was probably something she ate. I’m still praying, but I’m relaxing a bit in my heart and mind.

It certainly puts life into proper perspective.

Yes, I’m scratching off plans on my calendar that I was looking forward to.

Yes, I won’t be with so many that I love on my 60th.


I am turning 60.  Many aren’t getting to do that today.

I have a healthy family to connect with, pray with, laugh with, and even play games by computer these days.   

I have a husband to share my days with and emotions with.

I have God and a real relationship with Him.

I will be content in Him

And thankful because in Him alone

I have much to be thankful for.

Proverbs 19:21

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man,

but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.”

3 thoughts on “Calendar Scratches

  1. Happy Birthday to come, Michelle. Hope Angie is better. I talked to her about two weeks ago. We have disappoinments too. Elizabeth’s college graduation, Matthew’s HS one. Worried about Jill living in Brooklyn. Kelly being around patients daily. It is hard to believe this is happening. Did Nathan & family move? Praying everyone gets through this & stays healthy. Love to you & your family!


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